Welcome to the homepage of  Ned Apigian Architect.

Former Councilman Ned Apigian has concluded his 2nd term for the City of Dearborn Heights.

Currently running for Dearborn School Board and Henry Ford College Board of Trustees in the Nov 8th Election.

In 2022, this upcoming election is to be held on November 8th where, (6) candidates; (2) are incumbents, (3) have never served or sought public office; and myself who has been successful as indicated above. Following are more details explaining why I should be elected.

  • Avid interest in Broadcasting
    1. For (5) years I operated a weekly ethnic, bilingual radio program where I told historical stories to music that matched the tale.
    2. Presently for more than a dozen years, I am a volunteer host on the Henry Ford College radio station WHFR 89.3FM primarily with talk shows on air announcements.

As you can see from the above (3) examples, I am a person of public presence with ease of expression with an ongoing personality.

  • In conclusion I would like to expound on some of my large major architectural and planning projects which indicate creative thinking and the synthesizing of complicated problems into simple solutions and they are:
    1. Design of satellite new town for Mecca Saudi Arabia
    2. CBD – Central Business District Plan for Pontiac Michigan
    3. Cobo Hall – Alternate Location and Plan with environmental impact study on downtown Detroit.
    4. Reorganization of the existing Hutzell Hospital with future expansion plan.

As a degreed and state licensed design and physical planning professional, Ned brings his vast experience in designing several urban spaces and cities in Saudi Arabia as a resource for the City of Dearborn School Board.

Ned is a former US Marine – a 51 year resident and home owner in the city of Dearborn Heights (Dearborn School District) – married 58 years to Aroxie (Madoian) with their daughter Heather who residing in Boston with her husband and her family of four granddaughters.